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Photography in Worship


‘Photography in Worship ... the art and science of iconic imagery’ is a basics of photography book for photographers that may not have realized they even needed one. It is based almost entirely on a series of workshops on Photography in Worship that I have presented for the past several years at worship conferences throughout the United States. The feedback from these workshops helped me to understand that there was need for an easy to understand guide that not only explained the use of the tools of photography, but also explained why many of tools were necessary in the first place. The advent of more and more complex point and shoot cameras has placed a layer of technology between the artist and their subject, and this book will peel that layer back and help you to understand how to craft the images you want.


I met a number of photographers at these workshops that were interested in producing imagery for their church or ministry, and yet were finding it difficult to create the kinds of photographs that they were visualizing. It is in fact this concept of pre-visualization that drives much of the direction of the book and its concepts. Many photographers get mired in the bells and whistles of their cameras rather than figuring out what shot it is they want to capture in the first place, and only then going to the camera to capture what they want.


The concept of “art and science” is also at the very core of the book, providing the fundamental approach to the book’s content and presentation. It is my a firm belief that an understanding of one can not exist with out the other to be a truly competent photographer. One of my favorite chapters is completely dedicated to a series of examples that illustrate not only the intent, or the”art” of shot, but also the techniques, or”science” behind it’s capture.

Mike Overlin


Most of the time I must look like I am confused, but I suppose the truth is that I am an artist expressing himself through multiple mediums.  I am a photographer and I am a musician. I speak, I teach and I network. I love the craft of photography and I love the art of photography. I also love to see any form of art used to glorify God, the source of all true inspiration.


I am married to a wonderful woman, who just happens to be the current reigning Mrs. Los Angeles, an honor that I feel partially responsible for (At least for the Mrs. part). I have two amazing grown children who are both making incredible life choices, and I am very proud of them. They make me look good which is a major accomplishment in its own right.


When not playing music, or writing books, or creating photographic images, I am the Manager of Worship Resources for Yamaha Corporation of America. This is a job that I truly love, and it affords me the opportunity to travel and interact with thousands of worship leaders, musicians and church technicians throughout the United States.




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